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Every Single Believer is A

Every single believer is a God-ordained agent of evangelism. R. B. Kuiper


Most of the People Still Did Not

But despite all the miraculous signs Jesus had done, most of the people still did not believe in him. John 12:37 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

Have you ever tried talking with someone and they refused to listen?

You can give them all the irrefutable facts and they still laugh at you and call you crazy. You can get independent sources to back you up and they will accuse them of being liars and fakes.

It is not that they are stupid.

It is because they are wilfully ignorant. They are selfish. They know they have to admit they are wrong and change their lifestyle if they accept the truth you are sharing with them but are too proud and selfish to do so.

The arrogant say: I am right and I will not let the truth change my mind. Then when disaster strikes they blame everyone but themselves.

Try to warn a fool once. If they refuse to listen, walk away. It will save your sanity. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

I think all of us have experienced this during the scamdemic.

And if you think you are alone in this experience, just think; Jesus preformed MIRACLES and they STILL refused to believe in Him.

Talk about willfully ignorant huh?

“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah El Emeth (Psalms 31:5 LORD GOD of Truth ) for blessing me with The Holy Spirit to educate me in Your Divine truth. It has blessed me to live a life of integrity and righteousness which is one of the most valuable treasures there is. I know how You feel when the wicked reject Your truth because they reject it from me so often. I praise You in the name of the wisest Teacher of all, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022


The Only Protection From Him Is

Satan is a thief, murderer and destroyer. He steals your peace. He kills your dreams and destroys your future. has come to steal, kill, and destroy. The only protection from him is the undefeatable Jesus Christ. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah


I Will Refuse To

I will be careful to live a blameless life— when will you come to help me? I will lead a life of integrity in my own home. I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar. I hate all who deal crookedly; I will have nothing to do with them. I will reject perverse ideas and stay away from every evil. I will not tolerate people who slander their neighbors. I will not endure conceit and pride. Psalms 101: 2-5 The Holy Bible The New Living Translation

Although it is impossible to live a blameless life we are to request every morning for The Holy Spirit to help us accomplish this task as best as we can.

Living a life integrity in your home is the best witness for Christ there is for the entire family.

For your children you are the best role model ( certainly better than most of the perverts they call teachers in schools today ).

For your wife you will be an example to follow. She will respect, love and appreciate you.

For your husband you shall be a woman He respects, admires and appreciates.

The temptations to look at porno today is very enticing but leads to empty fantasies never coming true and can become a destructive addiction in your life. You will start to look at the opposite sex like a piece of meat to satisfy your hunger instead of someone you want to share your life with.

Personally I look at the scammers and thieves like a piece of pig dung on a hot sidewalk. Stay away from them or else they will lead you down a destructive path of being used and using others. There will be no love, only emptiness and looking over your shoulder to watch out that someone is not out to scam you.

Those who like to slander others are full of pride and enjoy causing misery towards others. If they gossip about others to you, think of what they will say about you when you are not there. That is why I do not waste my time with gossipers. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Elohe Tsadeki (Psalms 4:1 GOD of My Righteousness ) for blessing me with The Holy Spirit to teach me and help me live a life of Righteous integrity. I praise You in the name of the most dignified one of all, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

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Is All About Relationships With

Christianity is all about relationships with God and with others. David Watson


They Will be Ashamed That

Then my enemies will see that the Lord is on my side. They will be ashamed that they taunted me, saying, “So where is the Lord that God of yours?” With my own eyes I will see their downfall;  they will be trampled like mud in the streets. Micah 7:10 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

There have been so many times when I stood against the crowd on righteous principals. In every one of those times I was viciously mocked by the crowd. It seemed as if the whole world was against me.

This was not a one off experience but sometimes lasted every day for months.

The temptation to give in to the crowd was huge a times.

That is when I prayed for The Holy Spirit to bless me with the strength and courage to not back down.

Numerous times I was not vindicated right then and there but I was always vindicated and rejoiced at not giving in to the pressure.

You may not be vindicated today but in Christ’s time you will see that standing upon the rock of the Bible was worth it. You will also see your tormentors face Divine retribution. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Makkeh (Ezekiel 7:9 The LORD that Smiteth ) for mercilessly destroying my wicked tormentor while delivering just punishment to them for the pain and misery they inflicted upon me. I praise You in the name of The Supreme Judge, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022


Is Just Cheap Talk Without The

Saying I am sorry is just cheap talk without the action to back it up. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

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How Can You Grow If

“How can you grow, if you insist on living in the past?”- Dan Desmarques


There is Always a Time Of

There is always a time of reckoning whether for good or for bad. And, it shall be given back seven times in proportion to what you gave others. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah


Do You Need

Do you need strength? Peace? Wisdom? Direction? Discipline? Ask for it! God will hear you. Charles Swindoll