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The Safest Place to Be.

Take shelter in Jehovahs strong arms. It is the safest place to be. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah


The More Physically

The more physically wealthy you are the more spiritually and morally bankrupt you are. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

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Don’t Waste Your Breath On

Don’t waste your breath on fools,for they will despise the wisest advice. Proverbs 23:9 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

There has been so many times I have tried to help someone and they not only rejected the offer but they laughed and me and called me a fool. Then when disaster hits because they refused to listen , they blamed me.

When I see someone falling for a scam and try to warn them , they hate me because it goes against what they want to believe.

I used to almost beg them to listen because I did not want them to suffer.

Now, I patiently warn them using the simplest examples and if they refuse to listen I just walk away because I do not want to see the results of their foolishness.

Prayer: Oh please Jehovah ELOHIM YAKOL (God, the Most Able 2 Corinthians 9:8 ) bless me with the strength to walk away from fools that refuse to listen to Your words of warning. It is so difficult to do because I do not want to see anyone get hurt. I humbly ask You in the name of He who walked away from fools as well, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

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More Than Anything Else.

” A heart of gratitude towards Jehovah and others drives away anger and depression more than anything else. ” Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah


Divine Nature to Nurture

I believe it is human nature to mistrust others but Divine nature to nurture trust in Jesus. Joseph a son of Jehovah

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How Long Will You

 O sons of men, how long will you turn my honor into shame? How long will you love what is of no use, and run after lies? Psalms 4: 2 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

Consumerism is of no use and only enslaves you. You worship something that cannot love you back. In the process you go in debt and become slaves to the bank. You listen to social media and so called stars on TV, music and movies telling you you are a nobody unless you have this product. It will make you look younger, make you look cool, make all your dreams come true. It is all a pack of lies for the vain gullible ones to waste their money on and go into debt. Why do you love what cannot love you back and reject the one who loves you more than you can ever imagine?

Vanity is self imposed slavery which only leads to misery. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Jireth (Genesis 22:14 The LORD Shall Provide ) for blessing me with all my mental, physical and spiritual needs every day. May I never be conned into following the fools of consumerism on the Highway to Hell which only leaves me a slave and with an empty bank account and empty life. I praise You in the name of He with whom fills my life with the greatest joy, Jesus Christ. Amen

May I suggest we Christians start voting for politicians that have Christian morals like The Christian Heritage Party for the election here in Ontario Canada. Our rights and freedoms depend upon it.

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022


Do You Have a BC

With spring time comes the dream of camping. I would like to take a poll. You will find the question at the bottom of the article. Enjoy your camping experience.

The story is told of a lady who was rather old-fashioned, always quite delicate and elegant, especially in her language.

She and her husband were planning a week’s vacation in Florida, so she wrote to a particular campground asking for a reservation.

She wanted to make sure the campground was fully equipped, but didn’t quite know how to ask about the toilet facilities. She just couldn’t bring herself to write the word “toilet” in her letter.

After much deliberation, she finally came up with the old-fashioned term BATHROOM COMMODE. But when she wrote that down, she still thought she was being too forward. So she started all over again and rewrote the entire letter referring to the bathroom commode merely as the BC. “Does the campground have it’s own BC?” is what she actually wrote.

Well, the campground owner wasn’t old-fashioned at all, and when he got the letter, he just couldn’t figure out what the woman was talking about. That BC business really stumped him.

After worrying about it for awhile, he showed the letter to several campers, but they couldn’t imagine what the lady meant either. So the campground owner, finally coming to the conclusion that the lady must be asking about he local Baptist Church, sat down and wrote the following reply:

Dear Madam:

I regret very much the delay in answering your letter, but I now take pleasure in informing you that a BC is located nine miles north of the campground and is capable of seating 250 people at one time.

I admit it is quite a distance away, if you are in the habit of going regularly, but no doubt you will be pleased to know that a great number of people take their lunches along and make a day of it.

They usually arrive early and stay late. It is such a beautiful facility and the acoustics are marvelous. Even the normal delivery sounds can be heard.

The last time my wife and I went was six years ago, and it was so crowded we had to stand up the whole time we were there. It may interest you to know that right now a supper is planned to raise money to buy more seats.

I would like to say it pains me very much not to be able to go more regularly, but it surely is no lack of desire on my part. As we grow old, it seems to be more of an effort, particularly in cold weather.

If you do decide to come down to our campground, perhaps I could go with you the first time you go, sit with you, and introduce you to all the other folks.

Remember, this is a friendly community.

Sincerely, Campground Owner

My question is this: Does the campground you go to have a BC?


They Hear Your Words, But

“But as for you, human, your people are talking about you by the walls and in the doorways of houses. They say to each other: ‘Come now, and hear the message from the Lord.’ So they come to you in crowds as if they were really ready to listen. They sit in front of you as if they were my people and hear your words, but they will not obey them. With their mouths they tell me they love me, but their hearts desire their selfish profits. To your people you are nothing more than a singer who sings love songs and has a beautiful voice and plays a musical instrument well. They hear your words, but they will not obey them. Ezekiel 33:30–32 The Holy Bible, The New Century Version

Oh how true this is today just like it was back then.

I have heard many in churches say Amen at the right time. I have seen many take notes during a sermon. At the end of the sermon when you talk with them, they do nothing but praise the preacher and his sermon. When they are asked how they will put this into practice they look at you as if you were insane, make some stupid comment and walk away from you as if you have the plague.

Most Christians like the sound of the sermon but have no intention of putting its lesson into practice. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Many , many times when The Holy Spirit speaks with me He tells me things I do not want to hear. Sometimes we will “ debate “ for over a week but He knows my heart and that I will surrender to His will. I not only listen but obey. One is just as important as the other.

There are two types of Christians. One type likes to listen to the pretty sermons and sing the fun songs but make no commitment to obeying Christ’s leading. They are the majority. The other type are the type that go to church to hear the word of the Lord and put it into practice what He is saying to them. We are the minority Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Kal El (voice of God Isaiah 30:21 ) for blessing me with sending The Holy Spirit to speak with me and offer His wisest of wise advice. I wish there was some way I could comfort You when Your heart aches because stupid men and women refuse to listen to and obey Your instruction so I am sending You a big hug and kiss and say thank you. For Your kindness. I praise You in the name of the wisest Raboni, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

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