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Because of Their

By your power you save those who trust you from their enemies. Psalms 17:7 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

Although the wicked may make your life a living Hell or may cause physical, mental and or financial grief they cannot destroy those who walk with Christ.

Indeed because of their abuse they make us much more wealthier. We become wealthier spiritually and mentally which no one can take from us. We become richer in our relationship with Christ.

We all suffer but those of us who suffer for Christ become the richest of all. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

In my life there has been so many times the wicked have sought my destruction. For a while it looks as if they are succeeding. They mock me and Jesus saying where is your Christ to protect you now Christian ( I have heard that one oh so many times ) ?

But then, the hand of Christ strikes back at them.

They face a humiliating painful destruction from which they never recover.

I, on the other hand, am healed and rewarded for being loyal through the tribulation. It does not have to monumental but it is always given.

Of course the greatest reward is hearing Jesus say well done good and faithful servant. I am walking on clouds when that happens and it makes all the suffering pale in comparison.

And, in the end, those who trust Christ always live their final years out in comfort and security. I have seen it so many times.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Almakafi ( the lord our rewarder Hebrews 11:6 ) for the confidence that my suffering for You will be rewarded in this life and a hundred times more in Heaven. I praise You in the name of He who suffered so much for me to have this reward, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

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We Must Suffer Many Things To

“We must suffer many things to enter God’s kingdom.” Acts 14:22 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

After accepting Jesus as your Saviour, best friend and King, satan will do everything he can to destroy this relationship.

He knows you and so he know your weaknesses.

He will entice you to sin and then condemn you and say Jesus hates you because of the sin.

He will try to cause you to doubt the authenticity of the Bible and that it is not Gods word but made up by man.

He will cause you to doubt that Jesus loves you, Jesus cares about you.

He will cause you to doubt about His protection and provision.

We are in a true holy war when we become Christians.

A man and womans character is strengthen and matured through adversity. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Our ace in the hole though is The Holy Spirit.

When you repent He will reassure you of your forgiveness. He will guide you and supply all of your need. He comforts you, encourages you, teaches you and guides you into an ever deeper loving relationship with Jehovah, Jesus and Himself.

Satan cannot and will never beat The Holy Spirit.

The closer you get to Jesus, the more you are going to suffer. The more you suffer, the closer you get to Jesus. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah ELOHIM YAKOL (God, the Most Able 2 Corinthians 9:8 ) that You bless me with The Holy Spirit to help me endure the suffering that always comes because of Being Your child. Thank you that You are able to reward me a hundred times more than the suffering. I praise You in the name of He who suffered for me on the cross, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

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Wills the Good of All

“Love wills the good of all and never wills harm or evil to any. ‘There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear.’ Fear is a painful emotion that arises at the thought that we may be harmed or made to suffer. As long as we must trust for survival to our ability to out-look or out maneuver the enemy, we have every good reason to be afraid. Fear is torment. . . . To know that love is of God and to enter into the secret place leaning upon the arm of the Beloved — this and only this can cast out fear.”  A.W. Tozer

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He Defends Them in Times Of

The Lord defends those who suffer;he defends them in times of trouble.Psalms 9: 9 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

Those who suffer for Christ will only suffer for a while.

This is a blessing.

It is a blessing because in our brings us closer unto Christ and it helps mature us.

Those who are the cause of the suffering will receive no mercy at the hands of Jesus. At some point in their lives they will suffer seven times worse that the suffering they cause.

I have both experienced it ( the unjustified suffering ) and witnessed it ( those who were the cause of the suffering ).

When you are suffering go into the loving arms of Jesus. He will comfort, encourage and strengthen you through it. Take heart, those who are responsible will pay seven times worse than they gave. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Maginnenu (Psalms 89:18 The LORD Our Defence ) for defending me against foes that are stronger than me, more numerous than me and have more resources than me. Even though for a little while it seems as if they are winning the battle, You will always come to my defence. There is no one with whom can stand against Your might. I thank You in the name of my Warrior King, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

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It is Through Our

It is through our adversity we grow mentally and spiritually not by being snowflakes and worshipping wokism. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah


I Depend Very Heavily Upon

Don’t sin by letting anger control you. Think about it overnight and remain silent. Psalms 4: 4 The Holy Bible The New Living Version

Being a live in care giver for a narcissistic mother I depend very heavily upon The Holy Spirit to alert me to whenever this little devil is trying to intentionally push my buttons to get me angry. ( Then she cry babies to others that I am abusive towards her. )

If anybody is considering becoming a care giver my advice to you is: DON;T DO IT !! You will be used and abused like no other experience.

This comes not just from my life in Hell but from talking with many other care givers.

Fortunately this is a small town so most people know she is a psycho bitch from Hell ).

Instead of fuming over her abuse The Holy Spirit soothes my spirit with memories of all of Jehovah love for me.

After many years of suffering like this He guided me to two video’s on YouTube: 10 tactics to put a narcissist in their place and 10 tactics to make a narcissist respect you. After listening to them I was shocked at how well and how much she was playing head games with me. Now, when she tries her games, The Holy Spirit reminds me of what was said in those video’s and I take the appropriate actions which prevents a lot of fights ( which she loves ).

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Mephalti (Psalms 18:2 The LORD My Deliverer ) for blessing me with sending The Holy Spirit to rescue me from the grips of satan when he tries to manipulate me into losing control of my temper. All glory to You and Him for this extremely important service. I praise You in the name of He who never allowed satan to control Him, Jesus Christ Amen

May I suggest we Christians start voting for politicians that have Christian morals like The Christian Heritage Party for the election here in Ontario Canada. Our rights and freedoms depend upon it.

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022


When My Heart Was

When my heart was sad and I was angry,I was senseless and stupid.I acted like an animal toward you. Psalms 73:21-22 The Holy Bible The New International Version

When we see the wicked enjoying life while we suffer we are all tempted to ask why and have a pity party. We get angry with Jehovah and ask why do they prosper while they cheat us?

What have we done to deserve this?

We ask why they are getting away with it.

We walk around with clouds of doom hanging around our heads.

These suck the joy out of our lives.

It is only when we get on our knees and talk it out with Jehovah that He reveals the truth to us and fills us with His love that we see His love and kindness towards us. Then we are filled with love, joy and respect towards our Heavenly Poppa.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Rophe (Exodus 15:26) – The LORD our Healer ) for sending The Holy Spirit to come to me and talk with me. He chases the dark clouds away that are replaced by Divine love, joy and respect for you. I exalt You in the name of He whose praises I love to sing,Jesus Christ .Amen

This article @ 2022 Joseph a son of Jehovah. All rights reserved. Used only by permission of the author.

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She Admitted That She Should

Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 The Holy Bible, The New Living Translation

I know an elderly woman that her husband is having health problems. She knows she cannot take care of him and her children are in weak health so they cannot help her. The man is constantly in and out of the hospital.

A friend suggested she contact social services and they will bring in health care helpers to bathe him and change his diapers. They will consult her on how to make proper meals not just for him but for her as well. These services are free.

When he tried to convince her to contact this agency she admitted that she should but would not.

When he asked why she informed her that she was too proud to ask for help.

So, because of her pride her husband suffers and the children suffer watching their dad suffer. How many times do the innocent suffer because of someone else s pride?

How many times to they cause their own suffering?

Pride is arrogant selfishness which only reward is pain and misery. Joseph a son of Jehovah

If you suffer from pride please pray that Jehovah will send The Holy Spirit to cleanse it from your heart. Your mental and physical health will improve tremendously.

P. S The hospital finally had enough and informed her they are sending in health care assistants whether she like it or not. It has only taken two years but I am glad they were firm with her.

Prayer: Please Jehovah Rabbi (God our Teacher 2 Timothy 3:16 The Holy Bible, The New Living Translation ) send The Holy Spirit to teach the proud that their arrogance not only hurts them but those with whom they love as well.

I humbly beseech You in the name of my humble big brother Jesus Christ. Amen

May the poison of pride never infect your spirit. Joseph a son of Jehovah This article and photo @ Joseph a son of Jehovah 2021

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But Well Worth It.

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death.” Romans 8:1-2 The Holy Bible, The New Living Translation

So many that are suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism are suffering from something deeper and more painful.

It is abuse by parents when we were children. We never recover and kill the pain with booze and drugs.

This of course only makes the situation worse, not better.

When we surrender to the healing power of Christ, He will free us from this pain.

Sometimes it will happen instantly but most times it takes years of Christian counselling.

It is painful but well worth it.

As we are freed from the prison of abuse we surrender our addictions and because we trust Christ as our Saviour, those sins are forgiven. We belong to Him now, not the past that haunts and torments us . The power of the Holy Spirit sets us free.

We may, and most do, suffer from painful memories all their lives but each time this happens, The Holy Spirit comes and comforts and encourages us.

The Holy Spirit frees us from all prisons in our lives. Joseph a son of Jehovah

Prayer : Thank you Jehovah YAHWEH Ropheka ( God our healer Jeremiah 30:17 ) for healing the painful wounds from my past and setting me free from the prison of addiction that was destroying my life. I extol Thee in the name of He who frees all prisoners, Jesus Christ. Amen

May you be blessed to be set free from your dungeon by the greatest freedom fighter of all Jesus Christ. Amen

This article and photo @ 2021 Joseph a son of Jehovah. All rights reserved. Used only by permission of the author.

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He Would Comfort Me With

I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. Hebrews 13:5 The Holy Bible, The New Living Translation

This promise has brought light to my darkest days.

When I was planting trees, the camps were like Sodom and Gomorrah a lot of sex, drugs and booze. Their morals fit the description as well. That is why I camped outside of it. So many times there was such an overpowering feeling of loneliness and as if it was the world against me. Upon praying to my Beloved, He would comfort me with this verse.

The same was true in China where morals were considered stupid and for fools. This was true not just with most Chinese but with the majority of foreign teachers as well.

Then, there was the crucifixion. That is where whatever or whomever you love must have that love crucified. That does not mean you do not love them anymore ( although it may ) it means you do not put them above Christ. It was my most painful experience and it was when Christ softly whispered this verse in my ear that there was strength to carry on.

No matter what you are going through our loving strong Christ is walking through it with you. Joseph a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jesus Pyyrand (Jesus my best friend John 15:15 ) that You are the truest friend ever. You are always by my side through thick and thin. Through the sunshine and through the storms. I exalt You in Your loving name. Amen.

May you take comfort and gain strength that Christ is with you always.


This article and photo @ 2021 Joseph a son of Jehovah. All rights reserved. Used only by permission of the author