A closer walk with our beloved friend.


Wait For His Timing

God is already there.

That you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;  strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy;  giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. Colossians 1:10-12New King James Version

Patience is not my forte.

It is not necessarily that I want it know but rather that many times with Jehovah it has taken Him years where as I only want it to take weeks.

There are so many times I was frustrated and wanted to quit but prayed for the strength to continue on. Jehovah has always abundantly provided it for me.

There has been numerous times I have tried so hard only to fail in trying to perfect myself.

Like a patient Father Jehovah lifts me up and gently continues to guide me on my way

When I reflect back on my walk with Christ I must confess I was a bit arrogant and impatient in becoming one of His children. It is a lifetime process.

Even now after many decades I find myself impatient at times.

I can think of when Jehovah revealed to me when He wanted me to do something and I wanted to start right away. Thankfully I waited for His timing (I learned that the hard way) and it has happened a year from when He showed me the task He had prepared fro me to do.

“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them every day begin the task anew.” Francois de Sales

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Hosanna (God is my maker) for being so patient with me in burning off the dross of my life while guiding me to the tasks You have predestined for me to accomplish for You with Your magnificent help. I laud You in the name of He who always did things You way in Your time Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day


The Perfect Power Source.



“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 New International Version


We all have addictions that enslave us. Try as we may they will always conquer us. This leaves us feeling crushed and defeated.


Why not do the smart thing and hand it over to the perfect power source Jesus Christ.


When we completely surrender it to Him, He will conquer our demons.


Make no mistake about it, our addictions are demon possessed and we are too weak to defeat them.


I know because of my addiction, alcohol.


Try as I may I could not defeat my addiction. Sometimes it literally felt as if someone was pushing me into the liquor store and picking up the bottle even though on the inside I was screaming no, no.


Finally in desperation I cried out to Jesus and told Him if He does not free me from this demon I am going to die in a pile of puke in a drunken stupor. Instantly I was sobered up and have not touched a drop since.

That does not mean the demons do not come back to tempt me but I always call upon Jesus rather than depend upon myself and He has never let me down.


It is the same thing when we know we are going to face difficult situations.


Many times when we depend upon ourselves we fall flat on our faces with disastrous result.


Sometimes when I was a teacher I would walk into a certain class thinking it will be a breeze and failing miserably. At break I would find a quiet place and quietly pray for Jesus’ help and having a great class afterwards.


Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Jireh (God our provider) for blessing me with Your divine providence to free me from the addictive shackles that we dragging me into hell and with Your divine provision in all times of need. I extol You in the name of He who always provided for His diciples Jesus Christ. Amen.     


May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day


The Flesh Counts for Nothing.


The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. John 6:63 New International Version

The flesh becomes old, it breaks down. Your faith in your abilities is faulty.

That which brings you pleasure today brings you debt tomorrow (going in debt to buy expensive cars you cannot afford, getting mortgages for houses you cannot afford).   Joseph- Anthony: Green

At some time you will look at it and realize it cannot and will not love you in return.

“The knowledge of Christ’s love for us should cause us to love Him in such a way that it is demonstrated in our attitude, conduct, and commitment to serve God. Spiritual maturity is marked by spiritual knowledge being put into action.” — Edward Bedore

Having a relationship with our beloved Father in Heaven brings constant renewal and strength. As we grow deeper in this divine relationship we cannot help but love and respect our Beloved more and more and want to please Him more and more. The way we please Him is seen in our attitude, our beliefs and commitments.

“Measure not men by Sundays, without regarding what they do all the week after.” Thomas Fuller


The more we know Him and love Him the more He will light our paths of life. We put this knowledge into action as an act of not just obedience but as an act of love.

Listen, my son, and be wise, and set your heart on the right path. Proverbs 23:19 New International Version

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Elohim (God our creator) for blessing me with the greatest tutor of all, the Holy Spirit, to create a loving obedient child of Yours. I praise You in he name of Your most obedient son Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day

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Which Highway Are You On?


The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; He who keeps his way preserves his soul. The Lord will guide you continually Isaiah 58:11New King James Version

It is a gradual slope that leads to a slippery slope to doom when we pay with the devil. Joseph- Anthony: Green


Do not even consider taking one step from the righteous path because that one step is alls it takes to step into a trap which could lead to your destruction.

We must be obedient to the Holy Spirits guidance no matter how difficult or unpopular it is. The price we pay may be small in comparison if we ignore His guidance.

When I was a teenager the motto was ex, drugs, rock and roll. I was very unpopular and mocked because I refused to listen to those satanic gurus. I see them now forty years later and they are slaves to their addictions living a ruined life of a daily living hell.

When it is popular with the world you can be assured it is not popular with Jesus. Joseph- Anthony: Green                                                                                            

“The tragedy of life and of the world is not that men do not know God; the tragedy is that, knowing Him, they still insist on going their own way.” William Barclay

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Rohi (Jesus is my Sheppard) for guiding me away from disaster and towards Your Heavenly home. I exalt You in Your almighty wise name. Amen.                                                                                                            

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day


What Does Yours Taste Like?



The memory of the righteous is blessed, But the name of the wicked will rot. Proverbs 10:7 New King James Version

When people speak your name does it taste sweet to the mouth or do they spit it out?

If that is how it is to them, think of how it tastes to Jehovah.

Are you a kind, loving man or woman whose life is dedicated to Christ?

When people speak your name does it invoke pleasant memories like the fragrance of sweet flowers?


I know some people that just to speak, hear or think of their name brings back instantly pleasant memories of love and joy.

For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.  To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 New King James Version


Are you mean spirited, and self centered?

When people speak your name do they spit it out like swallowing dog turd sideways?

I know some people that to hear, think or say their name I hork it out like spitting something disgusting out of my mouth.

If that is what your name invokes in other think of what it means to Jesus?

The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness, and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth Matthew 13:41-43 New King James Version

Prayer: Thank you Holy Spirit Elohim (Holy Spirit our creator) for blessing me with creating me into a sweet fragrance for my beloved Heavenly Father. I praise You in the name whose sacrifice made it possible Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day


Do You Keep Them?


Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it Revelation 1:3 New King James Version

Do you see the three parts of this blessing?

One: when we pray for Jehovah to open our minds and hearts to what He is saying to us as we read the Bible we will be blessed with understanding. That is why reading our Bibles every day is so important.

Two: When we pray that Jehovah blesses us with understand with what a pastor is saying he will bless us with knowledge. That is why it is important to listen to godly preachers. I like Allister Begg, Charles Spurgeon, Vance Havener and many other that can be found at and At sermon audio you can listen to great ones from the past which are really good.

Three: Once we have been enlightened we must do our part and be obedient to what is being taught in order to receive the ultimate blessing. That of course is a deeper understanding of, appreciation and love for our Heavenly Father, King and Teacher.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah KalEl (voice of God) for speaking to me and blessing me with understanding. This has of course blessing me with a deeper understanding, love and obedience to You, my King (Jesus) and my Holy Teacher (the Holy Spirit). I praise You in the name of Your most obedient son Jesus Christ. Amen.                                                                            

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day

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Do You Do as They Did?


But Moses’ hands became heavy; so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it. And Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. Exodus 17:12New King James Version

Just as Aaron and Hur supported their leader how much do you support your pastor or leader in church activities?


From my experience the most abused member in any congregation is the pastor.

He and his family are expected to live holy lives which no member in the church would dare try to live.


Everybody goes to him with their problems but how many are wiling to listen and help the pastor or anyone in his family when they experience problems in their lives?

Their children are expected to be angels while those judging them have children that are little devils.

Trying to get a raise out of the congregation is like trying to get a tax break from the government


Yet, how many in the church could live of the measly salary the pastor gets?

Do you think it is easy going and sitting with a dying member?

Do you think it is easy comforting the family when you have your own problems?

Try it if you dare.

Prayer: Please Jehovah Chanan (God is gracious) bless me to be gracious, encouraging, comforting and a blessing to all pastors today and every day. I humbly request this in the name of He who always comforted His disciples Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day


You Left Him First.


Because you have forsaken the Lord, He also has forsaken you. 2 Chronicles 24:20 New King James Version

How many times do you thank Jehovah in a day for blessings both big and small?

It is impossible for me to count them all.

I know many souls who the only time they want anything to do with me is when they want something from me. They do not have the decency or respect to ask, they only try to con.

Do you do that with Jehovah?

God if You will do this for me, I will do that for You. When Jehovah has done His part, you conveniently forget to do yours.

That is not a loving relationship that is an abusive one.

I do not tolerate it; do you foolishly believe Jehovah will?

How many times a week do you spend time with Jehovah just to be with Him?

Church does not count. This is when it is just you and Jehovah.

I spend an entire day once a week walking in the forest or sitting by a stream.

The closer we get to nature, the closer we get to Jehovah. Joseph- Anthony: Green

Because you have left Jehovah why do you expect Him to remain in an abusive relationship with you?

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Abba (my beloved Heavenly Father) for blessing me wit the most treasured gift of all, a wonderful loving relationship with You. I greatly exalt You in the name of my big brother Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.


Are You One of Them?


A man who bears false witness against his neighbor Is like a club, a sword, and a sharp arrow. Proverbs 25: 18 New King James Version

Have you ever been hit in the guts and seen stars?

That is what it is like when you get hit with a club of lies.

Anyone who betrays a confidence (Gossiping Gerties) and makes lies out of it is like getting whacked in the guts. It takes your breath away in shock.

Have you ever cut yourself and seen the blood come out?

That is what getting cut with the sword of lies against a confidant feels like. It feels as if the lifeblood has been sucked out of you.

Have you ever been stung by a bee and gotten really swelled up?

That is what it feels like when someones lies become arrows that go straight to the heart. It actually feels as if a knife has been driven into your heart.

These are not done by strangers but almost always done by someone close to you and the cuts go very deep.

Now who is our neighbour?

According to Jesus everyone is your neighbour.

So be careful with your words.

They may make you the spotlight of the conversation when you are spreading them but there are very serious consequences of them. They destroy marriages, friendships and family relations. Sometimes the wounds are too deep to be healed.

And, be fair warned, what you do unto others will be done back to you. Think of that before you go gossiping.

That is why it is best to have confidence in your relationship with Jehovah. It does not matter what others say, He knows the truth. So even if nobody else believes you when you tell them these are lies, Jehovah will and does.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Abba (God our Father in Heaven) for always knowing the truth about Your beloved child so it does not matter the filthy lies anyone spreads about me. I give thanks for this wonderful blessing in the name of He who always exposed the filthy liars to face public shame and comforted those who were bitten by the snakes Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.

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How to Put the Fire Out.


Where there is no wood, the fire goes out;And where there is no talebearer, strife ceases. Proverbs 26: 18-19 New King James Version                                                                      

Have you ever met a Gossiping Gertie?                                                                                      

You know, they are the ones that when you tell them something and then leave, they burn up the telephone line telling anyone and everyone stupid enough to listen to them.

They love to cause fights. When confronted they always act innocent.                                           

They are as innocent as Lucifer himself.                                                                                    

They are like a wildfire that destroys everything in  their paths.                                            

How many friendships, careers and marriages have they wickedly destroyed?                       

Read in  The Apocalypse of Peter From “The Apocryphal New Testament” what their just rewards shall be.                                                                                            

Whenever I meet a Gossiping Gertie and they try to spread gossip to me I just ask them what they say when I am not there about me. They quickly leave me alone.    If you are a victim of a gossiping Gertie I always confront them in public with their gossip and gracefully and meekfully demand they prove their accusations. If they can not (which of course they can’t) I call them a liar to their face and inform them to keep their big noses out of my life. They hate me but leave me alone and there is a lot more peace in my life.

If you must have a conversation with one of these creatures (because they are family or you are at a meeting or other social function with them) I just keep the conversation generic. Talk about the weather or sports or something like that. In doing so, you are not giving them ammunition to use against you. Be polite and considerate with them.             

Prayer: Please Jehovah Jireh (God our provider) bless me with providing me with wisdom, grace and meekness whenever I encounter a Gossiping Gertie to both protect myself and to put out their fire of gossip about others. I humbly request this in the name of He who extinguished the fire of those who gossiped about Him Jesus Christ. Amen.                  

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.