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You Cannot Hide It.


“God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing” Ecclesiastes 12:14                                                                                                                               

Are you having an affair and believe you are getting away with it? In Gods time in His way your filth will be exposed. If not in this life than certainly in the next.                              

Are you cheating an employer or employee? God will extract His judgment upon you in a most vicious manner and bring you into total and complete desolance.                                

Do you gossip or backbite (lie you see on so many popular TV shows)? There will come a time when you have to pay the piper and it will be extremely embarrassing.                          

On the other hand there are so many small and simple good things we do in our every day life that goes un-noticed by the world but you know Jehovah keeps tabs on them.  

I remember when I was a child one of the popular TV shows had a woman with a “magic mirror” and she claimed she saw us watching her show. Of course that is not anymore true than the big jolly fello in the north pole who knows who has been naughty and who has been nice.                                                                                                    

But you know there is a God in Heaven who is watching. And, on the day of judgment, each of us shall receive our due reward whether joy in Heaven with Jesus or torment in Hell wit the devil.  What is going to be on your slate on that day?                                    

Prayer: Please Jehovah KalEl (voice of God) bless this child of Yours to be attentive and obedient to Your Holy Word so as to bring You joy and honour. I sincerely ask this in the name of He who was and is accounted perfect yet became sin for us Jesus Christ. Amen.                                                                                                                      

May the sunshine of Jesussweet love bless you today and every day.

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How is Your Account?

Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit. Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it Psalm 34:13-14 New King James Version



Do you sacrifice honesty for brown nosing just to impress a teacher or boss? In the end will they not domineer you and treat you like dirt?
Do you promise much and give little to get your way?

When I was in China they would make promises to do grand things for me if I would first do what they wanted me to do for them. After I had completed the task they would laugh and swear straight faced they never made the promise (even when it was put in writing). As a result I would allow them to make the grand promises and then promise to do what they asked AFTER they had done as they promised FIRST, which of course they never did. They would look at me with hate because they knew they could not get away with their filthy lies and conniving.

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles. Proverbs 21:23 New King James Version
When you depend upon the Holy Spirit to guide your words you do not have to be concerned about them coming back to bite you.

Everyone will have to give account on the Day of Judgment for every empty word they have spoken.  For by your words you
will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”” Matthew 12:36-37 New International Version

Does this sound like judgment you dread or accolades you will humbly accept? What will be in your account on judgment day?

I read Peters vision of Hell that liars and those that cause trouble will be hung by their tongue over a river of fire while demons whip them with cat of nine tails. Does that sound like some place you want to spend eternity in?
Prayer: Please Jehovah KalEl (voice of God) bless me with words of wisdom and grace so as to give honour and praise to Your Holy name. I humbly request this in the name of he whose words were the living waters Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.