A closer walk with our beloved friend.


They are Easy Prey

christ defeats demons

And he who turns away from evil makes himself a prey. Now the Lord saw it, And it displeased Him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man And was amazed that there was no one to intercede [on behalf of truth and right]; Therefore His own arm brought salvation to Him,
And His own righteousness sustained Him.  
Isaiah 59:15-16 Holy Bible Amplified Version

Notice it states that Christian babies are easy pray for Satan. I know this to be true from personal experience.

Shortly after the baptism of the Holy Spirit a experience came where I thought I was stronger and smarter that satan and he whipped my butt and shoved my nose in it when he easily defeated me. When the Lord decided that satan had gloated enough He stepped in and reassured me that when I repent I was forgiven and to remember my lesson. Which, I have to this day.

That is why it is of the utmost importance for us more mature Christians to come along side of the weaker ones and share our testimonies with them so they do not lose heart. It is just as important that we pray for them as that is one of our most important weapons to defeat our hated foe ( satan and his henchmen).

We who have experience are duty bound to share it with the inexperienced to help prevent them from suffering the same shame and pain as we did. Joseph a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah for blessing me with sending The Holy Spirit Rabbi (God our Teacher) for teaching me how to conquer satan when he attacks and how to gain forgiveness when I repent whenever I fall. May I be blessed with passing this encouragement and wisdom on to those who are not as mature in their walk with You as I am. May I be receptive to those teachers who are more advanced than I to their guidance. I humbly request this in the name of He who is the best Teacher of all Jesus Christ. Amen

May you be blessed with abundant joy in your heart filled with love and your life overflowing with laughter every day this year.


The Supreme Judge.


He shall say, ‘Surely in the Lord I have righteousness and strength. To Him men shall come, And all shall be ashamed Who are incensed against Him. Isaiah 45:24New King James Version

The Lord will work out righteousness again those who persecute His children. It may not happen in a day or week or month or even year but He is a God of justice and His justice will prevail.

I have experienced it where employers have cheated me out of wages. I see them maybe five years later and they are bankrupt and living on the streets.

I have experienced abuse at the hands of some wicked souls. Ten years or in some instances even thirty years later I see them as they are broken shells of a being, their health destroyed, their lives in shatters and they are the saddest emptiest creature I have ever met.


And even if we do not get to see Jehovahs justice against our abusers we can be confident that divine justice will be done.


That does not mean we are to pray for Jehovah to get them back but instead pray that they will repent knowing that if they stubbornly refuse to do so Jehovahs justice will be something to fear and dread.

Prayer: Please Jehovah Adonai (the Lord sovereign) please sent the Holy Spirit to convict __________ (write in the name of someone who has done injustice to you) to repent of their wicked deeds lest they will be convicted and dammed to an eternity in hell. I pray for them just as Jesus prayed for those who did injustice to Him in His holy name. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day


Are You Ashamed of It?


For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Romans 1:16 New King James Version


How often do you talk about your relationship with Christ and His message of salvation with your friends, at school or at work?


When you are a fancier (a fan) of something that is all you want to talk about.


Now I can enjoy conversations with others that is not Christ centered but if someone asks me why I am different from others I will gladly share the message of Christ with them.


Given the opportunity I will share Jesus’ message with them.


Just remember: if you are ashamed of Jesus here, then He will be ashamed of you before Jehovah. Joseph- Anthony: Green


Prayer: Please Jehovah KalEl (voice of God) bless me to be Your voice and share Your message with those whose hearts are open to receiving Your message. I humbly request this in the name of He who so eloquently share the message when He walked amongst us Jesus Christ. Amen.                                                                      


May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day