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Keep Your Servant Also From


Keep your servant also from wilful sins; may they not rule over me (Psalm 19:13 The Holy Bible The New International Version .

Do you notice these are wilful sins?

I believe these are going to places that have specif temptation to entice us to give in to an addiction.

For example, there are two stores I cannot go into in town because they sell booze and I am a biological alcoholic. The same as there are certain streets that cannot be travelled for the same reasons.

We all have our weaknesses like porno or food or booze or any other numerous ones.

We need the guidance of The Holy Spirit to help us conquer them. Or else they become a habit and those are difficult to break and can destroy your life.

I have seen many take satans bait and foolishly believe they can play with fire and not get burned. Yes, the conclusion is always the same, guess who loses?

Do not fall for the trap that it is fun or you have to do it to fit in with the crowd ( then you are in the wrong crowd ) or one time will not hurt. History is full of ones whose life has been destroyed by these foolish beliefs.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Elohim Ozer Li (Psalms 54:4 GOD My Helper ) for helping me avoid places and situations that would provide too much and too strong an attraction to sin in my weakness. I praise You in the name of He whose example strengthens me, Jesus Christ. Amen

May I suggest we Christians start voting for politicians that have Christian morals like The Christian Heritage Party for the election here in Ontario Canada. Our rights and freedoms depend upon it.

This article @ 2022 Joseph a son of Jehovah. All rights reserved. Used only by permission of the author.

Author: ropheka

As Christ is our King, so too are we His free will servants Joseph a son of Jehovah I have been a faithful servant of our Lord for the past forty years. He has led me to move from the farm to the city. It was there I learned natural medicine as well as to serve by doin volunteer work in a hospital. This was preparing me for the next stage of growth and service unto Him. The next phase was to live in a tent in the western provinces of Canada planting trees. It has here in His marvelous creation of nature that He taught me so much of Himself while serving others in camp as a first aid attendant. If anybody got sick or injured they always came to me. As well, I learned to be a big brother and care about their mental health and for most, it was the first time they were ever loved. This caring for others prepared me for the next step which was to be a teacher all over China. Here not only did my example guide many to our Heavenly King but also taught me how to deal with narcissist. This prepared me to come home to take care of a narcissistic mother while dealing with narcissist family members. It was in China that the Lord also guided me to become a Christian writer which has been faithfully done for the past ten years. I know not what will happen tomorrow but I know who holds tomorrow in His hands and it is Him I place my total confidence and trust in. Joseph a son of Jehovah

15 thoughts on “Keep Your Servant Also From

  1. Thank You for Always sharing God’s Perfect Truth! We may receive some benefit from the addiction counseling offered by this world, but only Christ can make us Whole! He gives us His Holy Spirit to convict and counsel us, spiritually, everyday day! This is the only way we can win in victory over our weaknesses.

  2. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    All so true Brother Joseph, and great advice to all which of course includes me; thank you!

    We now live in a world full of temptations and that coupled with modern life’s multiple distractions while people think themselves great with multitasks; it’s a “devil’s playground” and anyone can slip into a quagmire or rut that leads to misery or even oblivion! These are extremely dangerous times with so much “camouflaging and mimicking” going on where evil is made to look good or normal; just look at the crazy women running around in the streets screaming over abortion rights including certain senators like Warren saying abortion is a human right just like the ever so evil Killery Klingon Klinton who made sure with former New York governor Mario Fraud Cuomo that the state legislation pushed through the law approving same day time of delivery abortion as being a woman’s right; “state sanctioned infanticide!” “It’s so plain to see for me,” as I see “a world gone mad and running to the precipice in double time;” while so many soft-headed or lost individuals suck up the devils lies; because he is out to snatch all the souls he can, now having his field day and getting his due! “Sin is sin” and no sugar-coating it or pretending it’s something else or is all part of “PC Culture and Inclusivity” is going to change that “REALITY!” The most evil and insane govern us; “that is FACT!”

    1 John 2:14-16 “I have written to you, fathers, because you know Him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one. 15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world.”

    Sorry but duty bound to say as I look around at this “Insane World;” I see just the opposite happening where the “MSM and Pop Culture along with Government Officials and even many Church Goers” are promoting “love of the material world,” and all of its key components “the idols or false gods of money, lust, power in all of its forms;” all of it in plain sight now “every day,” but so many people walk around like they are so conditioned to accept “whatever;” or are in a trance! This following headline today spells out what I’m saying to people; and they better “WAKE UP and STOP Pussyfooting around” with their souls and the souls of their children; allowing this shit to fester in hearts and minds like it has for decades; the “Lies are on top of Lies!”

    ‘Devout Catholic’ Biden roasted when he touts himself a ‘child of God’ to defend abortion

    If that’s not a demonic influenced woman to his left I’ll eat crow 3X a day!

    “President Joe Biden was the recipient of intense criticism from conservatives after he suggested that the right of women to kill their unborn babies comes from God, an incredible comment that only further illustrates the alternate universe that Democrats exist in.

    The “devout Catholic” made his remarks while addressing reporters after being asked about the leaked draft of a Supreme Court document that has been interpreted as saying that landmark abortion rights ruling Roe v. Wade could be on the verge of being struck down, a possibility that has some on the left calling for an actual insurrection.

    Biden’s claim that the right to murder the unborn comes from being a “child of God” came during a muddled answer to a reporter that included a reference to Judge Robert Bork, the conservative jurist nominated by President Ronald Reagan to the Supreme Court in 1987, a nomination that was torpedoed by a savage Democrat smear campaign led by then-Senator Joe Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

    He is no true devout Catholic and that is a blasphemy for him to say that! My mother and so many good relatives of mine had been and are absolutely true devout Catholics but he is nothing even close to being one!

    Biden is just one big example of what kind of people are running loose on planet earth and I assure you this planet and all the people on it don’t have much time left to make up their minds where they want to spend eternity! I see young women on this platform and older ones who really should know better just using Scripture and playing the popularity game or being click bait while some even flaunt their looks with multiple photos in various poses of trying to play the temptress yet these same women scream out about dirty old men sites online and how women are being exploited!!! “HYPOCRISY ABOUNDS” in so many people now it’s sickening, and I really am sick of it; so I pray God moves His plan to fruition sooner rather than later! Amen.

    Get Real People!

    God Bless You!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

    Hypocrisy Below I wrote that essay back in May 2020, I had to add the photo today! Yes it came true didn’t it!

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    • I do not remember the last time I watched, read or listened to anything from MSM.
      It is almost all lies.
      Ilike bitchute, rumble, briebart news, the blaze and for real news.
      Personally I try to stay away from it because it is depressing.
      It is better to listen to good sermons, good music and watch good Christian programming or the old classic TV shows.
      God bless you with many opportunites to have enjoyment with Him in nature with your Bible which is the best way to invest our time.

      • Hi Brother Joseph, I totally agree! I used to work in MSM many years ago and hated it then but it got exponentially worse beyond my imagination! Diabolical people are puppeteers in that and the entertainment industries as a whole! Sure there is some good still in them but I used to still watch MSM news and try to decipher what was happening by cross referencing that with other sources and like you I gave up on it I don’t even tune my TV to any of those networks and I don’t care what they are saying it’s all deception now!

        Yes you’re right, “I like bitchute, rumble, briebart news, the blaze and for real news.” They are good alternate sources I check them too, but we have to keep cross referencing and not get into any lull or let down our guard; to keep discerning as the Lord instructs us to do through the Holy Spirit! And it very depressing, and I’m just at times a very emotional man; so it’s not healthy for me to swim in this horrid soup of calamities and lies being perpetrated upon the human race; the devil is getting his due with far too many people now; so it’s near mayhem already!

        This here you said it the precise thing to do; “It is better to listen to good sermons, good music and watch good Christian programming or the old classic TV shows.” Like that movie Brother, “Heaven Knows Mr. Allison!” Many of the good old shows are available to be happy watching them!

        The Bible and watching the nature around me is my sanctuary! I can see why Saint Francis of Assisi tended to it like he did; I love birds and little animals they are so innocent and simple!

        God bless you too and may you continue to find the peace and solace you do in God’s word and the Holy Spirit leading you with Jesus daily!
        God’s love to you!
        Your Brother in Christ Jesus,

      • I hate orio’s. They scream outside by bed at 4 o clock in the morning.
        One of te amazing benifits of planting tree’s was seeing so muc of Jehovas awesomeness through out the day

      • Haha! Hey they know you’re the tree man and just want you to come out and spend some time with them I bet!
        Seriously though some can be noisy but I actually love hearing the birds singing their tunes, its like the natures music that tells me things are going well when I hear them especially early in the morning! I love hearing he mourning doves all around here and I’ve had to rescue a few injured ones!
        I agree Brother about Jehovah’s awesomeness being there for the enjoyment of we children of God!

        Oscar Hammerstein – You’ll Never Walk Alone Lyrics
        When you walk through a storm
        Keep your chin up high
        And don’t be afraid of the dark
        When you walk through a storm
        Keep your chin up high
        And don’t be afraid of the dark
        At the end of the storm
        Is a golden sky
        And the sweet, silver song of the lark

        Walk on through the wind
        Walk on through the rain
        Though your dreams be tossed and blown
        Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
        And you’ll never walk alone
        You’ll never walk alone

        You’re right about the trees too because I love them as much as the birds they go hand in hand!
        God bless.

      • I am greatful to be living in a small town surrounded by farms and small forests.
        During harvest time I glean the fields ( boy do they ever leave a lot in the field ) and share with others who are poor.
        Personally I like the red wing blackbirds song the best

      • Hey good day to you Brother Joseph! I’m a little slow on the response but was nice to read this morning after checking on all my bird and animal friends how you have a best of both worlds arrangement there in a small town atmosphere surrounded by nature’s bounty that provides so much needed nutrition for animals and mankind there!

        Yea I agree the red-wing blackbirds are great to see and hear their calls too; they’ve been very active here as well! I can’t imagine a world without the abundant diverse animal and plant life because I sure wouldn’t want to exist in such a world, and of course our great glorious loving Father in heaven knows all and knew when he created all this abundance how it would give such joy and balance for us while His plan unfolds; It all fits and is right and proper!

        Adam and Eve broke that balance by the tempting of the father of all lies, but that too God knew in advance so all these things must come to pass to fulfill His perfect plan! Amen. We are here to love and serve Him!

      • God bless you to be spending time with our Beloved in His creation

      • Thanks again Joseph and the same goes for you of course; good work! I spend some time every day joining in communion with our Lord’s bountiful creation which is all for His glory! Amen to that!
        God bless.

      • Well done brother

  3. Keep the faith and doing the good you do! Thanks again!

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