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If You Want Mental Health


Be wise in the way you live around those who are not Christians. Make good use of your time. Colossians 4:5 The Holy Bible The New Living Translation

Every day for the last month I have asked Poppa to help me get closer to Him

His reply was to read one Psalms a day. When that is finished read a chapter a day from Proverbs. Next is to meditate on verses that says: Gods says ( there are over four hundred ) and then Jesus says there are over six hundred ). Psalms 1 The Holy Bible The New Living Translation

Here is what Psalms one says: If you want mental health, stay away from associating with sinners, especially those that laugh at Jehovah.

We are to be respectful towards them at work but to socialize with them is the quickest way to get on the Highway to Hell.

Boy do I know that to be true.

May I suggest the best way to constantly think about the Law all the time is to turn off the garbage on TV, the movies, the music and non-Christian social web sites.

Instead, go to the internet library and download free ebooks, go to sermon audio and listen to great preachers.

Write down what is being said in these books and sermons and talk it over with Jesus.

Pray that The Holy Spirit leads you to Godly mentors and for the privilege of you being one to someone as well.

When we do this not only will it bring you closer to Poppa and other members of His family, it will also heal you from stress, worry and fear.

When we walk with Christ, we walk in confidence while the world walks in confusion. Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah

Prayer: Please Jehovah Bara (The Lord Creator Isaiah 40:28 ) send The Holy Spirit to create a mind set that emulates my idol Jesus Christ in all of my thoughts words and deeds this day so that I may entice the lost to desire to join Your Holy family. I humbly ask this in my idols name, Jesus Christ. Amen

This photo and article @ Joseph- Anthony a son of Jehovah 2022

If you are interested in informative articles about natural health here is the site I go to for the truth

Author: ropheka

As Christ is our King, so too are we His free will servants Joseph a son of Jehovah I have been a faithful servant of our Lord for the past forty years. He has led me to move from the farm to the city. It was there I learned natural medicine as well as to serve by doin volunteer work in a hospital. This was preparing me for the next stage of growth and service unto Him. The next phase was to live in a tent in the western provinces of Canada planting trees. It has here in His marvelous creation of nature that He taught me so much of Himself while serving others in camp as a first aid attendant. If anybody got sick or injured they always came to me. As well, I learned to be a big brother and care about their mental health and for most, it was the first time they were ever loved. This caring for others prepared me for the next step which was to be a teacher all over China. Here not only did my example guide many to our Heavenly King but also taught me how to deal with narcissist. This prepared me to come home to take care of a narcissistic mother while dealing with narcissist family members. It was in China that the Lord also guided me to become a Christian writer which has been faithfully done for the past ten years. I know not what will happen tomorrow but I know who holds tomorrow in His hands and it is Him I place my total confidence and trust in. Joseph a son of Jehovah

11 thoughts on “If You Want Mental Health

  1. I completely agree with you.
    Haven’t had a TV for years, do not listen to worldly music, only watch Christian movies and sermons online and I feel a lot better mentally than I ever have.
    I think this is what Romans 12:2 means when it speaks about the “renewing of our mind”.
    It is not easy to stay away from all these worldly things, but I find that it is absolutely worth it for me!
    Great post!
    I think many more people need to say this and we all need to understand this much more!
    I often cringe when my pastor talks about netflix or what happened with Will Smith (I had no idea, I learned about it in church and that’s not right, is it??!?!) or about property, jobs and all that… these are not things GOD wants us to think about – I believe…
    Yes, we need to be IN the world to some degree, all need to pay our bills somehow and make some money to survive, but we are not OF the world and we shouldn’t conform to it or be part of it so much, but instead separate ourselves to GOD and do our best to live a holy life.
    GOD bless you my dear brother.

    • Thank you.
      Mom does not miss any of it now that she has all the Christian shows, movies and music she can digest. She really like listening to sermons before going to bed and she is getting better sleep

  2. @turn off the garbage on TV, the movies, the music and non-Christian social web sites.” That’s it right there Ropheka!! Preach it💕💕

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  4. This is some great advice! Thank you for this information. God bless 😊

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