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Please Bless Me With


trust in God


You will keep the man in perfect peace whose mind is kept on You, because he trusts in You Isaiah 26:3 The Holy Bible, The New Living Translation

My Beloved, please bless me with Your strength in my weakness. Please bless me to trust You in my time of fear. Please bless me with Your supreme power when I am powerless.

May I always completely trust You in every aspect of my life.

In the name of my Beloved Savior who blesses me with His continuous presence Jesus Christ I humbly ask. Amen

Wishing you a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer and love that grows deeper each day of the year. Welsh blessing

Photo and article @ Joseph a son of Jehovah 2019

Author: ropheka

I am an unpaid live in care giver for my aged mother. As well I regularly do volunteer work with a local church group helping working poor establish themselves independently. . I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

5 thoughts on “Please Bless Me With

  1. This may sound so silly, but I declined a flu vaccine at work for religious reasons and am required to wear a mask this year. I’ve declined it for years, but only because I have to wear a mask now do people realize I’m a ‘potential threat’. Tonight, the “Blessed are you when you are persecuted for My sake” came to mind… and I guess in a small example that is what it is.

    • I have never taken the flu shot. It is a poisonous scam.
      It is interesting that all the folks I know that get the flu shot end up violently sick with the flu while I do not even get the sniffles. But then again I am a natural path.
      I say natural medicine comes from Jehovah as His gift for our good. Allopathic medicine come from man to make shareholders rich.
      It is interesting that most folks I know that are my age that have used allopathic medicine look so aged and their bodies are all broken down, they are old before their time. Those that are like me and use natural medicine are still strong as an ox.

      • I wanted to wait for your response before I said all the things you just did. Haha

        I’m slowly learning about natural remedies because, yes, He created them and takes care of us. In our email it says the company is looking for 90% of vaccinated employees for 2020 to report to insurance company. I was kind of brutal in the beginning so they couldn’t think they could persuade me. It’s all about numbers and money. They don’t actually care. I’ve found out more things, but it’s amazing how people will bow down but they don’t really understand why or the weight of it.

      • Good for you on standing on the solid ground instead of the shifting sands.
        We are all like sheep the difference is that there are those that listen to and obey the Good Shepard and those that listen to and follow any voice.

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