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Use Them to Share with Others



 Moses told his father-in-law everything the Lord had done to Pharaoh and Egypt on behalf of Israel. He also told about all the hardships they had experienced along the way and how the Lord had rescued his people from all their troubles. Exodus 18:8 Holy Bible, New Living Translation

This is why it is important to share with others all Jehovah has done for you and through you in your life.

Yes it is important to share this with your children and grandchildren but it is just as important to share these events with your neighbours, your co-workers, those who are baby Christians.

With those outside of the family it may encourage them to become members of Jehovahs family.

For the baby Christians it will strengthen them and encourage them.

When others see or hear of the fact that Jehovah is there with us through it all, it makes Him real to them. He is not some make believe God nor something of old that is irreverent to us today. We use our trials and troubles, sorrows and snares to make Jehovah real to those around us. That is one reason they are given to us, so that we will use them to share with others the providential care of our Heavenly Father.

“The little troubles and worries of life may be as stumbling blocks in our way, or we may make them stepping-stones to a nobler character and to Heaven. Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.” — Henry Ward Beecher

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah ‘Uzam (The Lord is our Strength in Trouble) for blessing me with teaching me that no matter the trials or troubles, heartaches or misery, You are always right there beside me through it all, many times teaching me things that could not be learned any other way. May I be blessed to share this wisdom and encouragement with other brothers and sisters going through their own troubles so as strengthen them through their difficulties. I sincerely request this in the name of He who walked through oh so many trials and tribulations, heartaches and misery with His beautiful friends here on earth Jesus Christ. Amen

Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you joy, may you be blessed with an abundance of it this every day this year.

Author: ropheka

I am an unpaid live in care giver for my aged mother. As well I regularly do volunteer work with a local church group helping working poor establish themselves independently. . I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

2 thoughts on “Use Them to Share with Others

  1. Hi Brother Joseph,

    Is that you in the picture with the cat? Good to see you!

    I have a question. When I talk about God commissioning us to preach the Gospel, I keep receiving push back that I am preaching false doctrine and that I am going back to “good works” to gain salvation. I don’t understand. Am I doing something wrong?

    I understand that our salvation is not based on our “good works” because we are in the Age of Grace under the covenant of the New Testament, but aren’t we “supposed” to preach the Gospel because God desires all of His sons to return to Him? And He uses us to meet this desire of His?

    Someone quoted Galatians saying that a little leaven will leaven the entire lump of bread and that we must do surgery to remove the leaven (the person preaching false doctrine) from the lump.

    I am hearing so many diverse points of view within the Christian family, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Any clarity you can bring to the table would be great.

    May your weekend be abundantly blessed with the Lord’s grace.

    Your Sister in Christ

    • It is by grace you have been saved to do the good works God has prepared for you to do. That is in the Bible.
      We preach the Gospel by living the Christian life. When others ask why we are different, then we explain about Jesus and the Christian life.
      We must wait until The Holy Spirit guides us to where we can best share the Gospel and not go on our own, that leads to disaster. I know, I went thought that when I was first saved.
      May Jehovah bless you to guide you where He wants you to be, to do the work He wants you to do.

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