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So Little Time For



 But as for me, my prayer is unto thee, O LORD, in an acceptable time: O God, in the multitude of thy mercy hear me, in the truth of thy salvation. Bible in Basic English

Quick, tell me what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

For me it is going to conversation with my Heavenly Beloved, beginning with saying good morning I love you. Then giving Him thanks and requesting His guidance through out the coming day.

Quick: what is the fist thing you do when you climb into bed at night?

For me it is giving thanks to my Heavenly Beloved for all of His blessings He has showered on my through out the day and asking for forgiveness for when I messed up. And ending with saying good night I love you.

Then, there are the numerous times through out the day when we have conversations. Sometimes it is with what is happening to me during the day. Sometimes it is thanking Him for the blessings He has given me. Sometimes it is just admiring the beauty He is sharing with me and talking about it.

Prayer should be the first thing a Christian does upon opening their eyes and the last thing they do before closing them. It should be as natural as breathing. Joseph a son of Jehovah

“Why is there so much running to and fro to meetings, conventions, fellowship gatherings and yet so little time for prayer?” — Andrew Bonar

Prayer: Thank you oh my deepest love Jehovah Shammah ( The Lord is Present) for the most wonderful blessing of all, being in Your loving presence every day. It is the most precious treasure there could ever be. I exalt You in the name of He with whom I look forward to receiving the ultimate treasure of walking with Him and talking with Him in Your Heavenly home Jesus Christ. Amen

Wishing you a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer and love that grows deeper each day of the year. Welsh blessing

Author: ropheka

After faithfully serving the Lord in China for ten years as a teacher I have been called home to care for my aged mother who has numerous disabilities. As well I regularly do volunteer work visiting seniors in a seniors home. I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

23 thoughts on “So Little Time For

  1. What a lovely reminder and inspiration!! I am guilty… please pray for me that I might have your natural ease and first and last thoughts each day. May God grant you peace and bless your journey.

    • Thank you.

      Just make a habit of thanking Jehovah every morning for everything He has done in your life. In the evening thank Him for everything He has done for you through out the day.

      It will become a habit. I cannot begin my day nor end my day without saying thank you. If I try there is a big feeling of something important left out of my day. It will not leave me until the thank you is said.

      Jehovah bless you with a heart of gratitude every day which leads to a heart of joy.

      • Excellent practice and I will! I want to share with you that my father who had parkinson, made a habit of saying thank you to God but also everyone around him. When he passed away, we asked the person if they remembered what his last words were and we were not surprised when we heard Thank you. Since that time I meet a man who said “Good to see you!” Every time you met. This man has also passed away. These are my two earthly fathers and so I have made habits to start with each person with a “good to see you! And end with “thank you” 😉

      • Very good habits sister.

        I have these as well. Folks are shocked when I say good morning or afternoon to them. We usually continue on with good conversations. They are also shocked when I say please and thank you. This comes from living in a small town. It was drilled into my head when a boy.

      • But so important and makes a difference. Keep doing your thing. Hugs to you and family

      • It is so important. It can make someones day.

        Best of blessings to you and your family as well.

  2. This was something I needed to read today, Joseph. Thank you for sharing it. Too often we get up in the morning distracted by our cares for the day. Thanks for the reminder that we should begin and end our days in His presence (and talk with him throughout the day, too!). 🙂

    • You are very welcome precious sister.

      The thing I find interesting is that when saying my prayers I find it difficult to stay awake. The minute I stop, I am wide awake.

      How is your asthma coming?

      We are having monsoon like weather here this week.

      I planted our crops in one of the raised gardens. A tarp was put over the top to prevent too much water getting in and to protect the plants from frost if it comes.

      Happy Easter

      • You are not alone in that prayer dilemma, Joseph! The same thing can happen when I am reading the Bible (I can be wide-awake in the middle of night, but the moment I try to read the Bible, I suddenly feel very tired! That is why I like listening to the Bible as I stretch in the morning).

        MY asthma is generally better – thank you for asking. 🙂 I just saw my doctor this week, and he said I was greatly improved. However, I still have to watch my diet and avoid the foods that can trigger asthma symptoms, and also stretch and exercise regularly to keep the muscles relaxed (tight muscle can inhibit lung function).

        I’ve never been in a monsoon before, but it sounds very serious! I will pray for the Lord‘s protection over your crops. It sounds like you are well prepared either way (that is wisdom!).

        Do you have any updated prayer requests, my friend? As you know, you are regularly in my prayers. ✝️

      • I agree that diet and exercises (especially yoga) are very good for your asthma.

        It may seem cruel but I would like you to pray that mom stops being so unfair. That she stops giving money to my older brother, her grand daughter and great grand children. She gives them money and they never come down here and help out. Meanwhile I do all the work and she gives me a pittance of money (spending money which is very little). It makes me so very angry.

        Jehovah bless you with strong lungs.

      • I don’t think your prayer request sounds cruel at all. In fact, I have been wondering about what had happened with your family – you could alluded to the situation with your mother and brother last year, but I was not aware of any update. I shall pray that the Lord opens the eyes of your mother to see the situation for what it really is, and to distribute His resources in a way that pleases Him.

        Thank you for continuing to pray for asthma! I’m definitely feeling better, but I simply need to be careful each day,

      • Especially living in California with the pollution being so bad. If you live on the coast it is not good for asthma as well. I had it when I was a child but out grew it. It is not fun having an asthma attack.

        The Lord is amazing. Every time I feel discouraged with the manner in which mom behaves He sends me reassuring messages which strengthens me and encourages me.

      • Praise God for His faithfulness! I have been praying about the situation with your mother and brother. The Lord sees it all and will intervene in the matter when He is ready. In the meantime, we wait.

        Thankfully, where I live (in Northern California), the air quality is generally pretty good (except for the fires last November). I have much harder time in Los Angeles, though — thankfully I don’t live anywhere near there!

      • I liked Northern California but thought southern was crazy.

        Thank you for your prayers. Mom has to go in for an operation on poylops in her bowels. Would you please pray for her.

      • Absolutely! I will pray for her now. When is the procedure?

      • Thank you.

        We do not know. We have to wait for the hospital to call.

        Are you enjoying spring like weather now?

        Two days ago we we walking around in tee shirts and shorts. Today it is a parka.

        How is the job going? I believe that most full time jobs today are few and far between and the ones that are there have little benefits. It is not like it was forty years ago.

      • Joseph! I have been praying for you and your mother. Has she had the surgery? And how are you doing these days?

      • Thank you so much precious sister.

        She has her surgery in July and it is a minor one but at her age who knows.
        I am extremely busy. Everything is two months behind because of the cold rainy weather. It is now hot and dry and boy am I getting a lot of work done.

        As far as our relationship is concerned it is still strained. I stay away from her as much as possible because she is very negative and demanding.

        I am glad you wrote because I have not seen any of your articles for a while.How are you doing? How is your asthma? Have a full time position yet?

        You are in my morning prayers every day.
        Your caring brother in Christ

      • I will continue praying for your mother, Joseph. It sounds like you are making wise choices regarding your boundaries — we have to be careful about who we keep in our inner circle (especially when the person has been hurtful).

        I will pray for success with your harvest, and that the Lord will allow you to catch up on the past two months of work. Please take care and do not overwork yourself!

        My asthma is better now. I had a flare-up over the weekend (big change in the weather), but rested and am fine now. That is good news!

        I am interviewing for a full-time job — I should find out this week whether or not I got it.

        I have missed you, my friend! Thanks for your patience with me.

      • I am very glad your asthma is better and will pray you get accepted for the job.

        You are in my morning prayers every day and I enjoy us sharing our lives on this site.

        Recently we had a flare up with the neighbor from Hell. The police were eventually called. The police agreed we were right in the dispute. Things have calmed down now but with these psychos you never know when they will explode again. When they do, it will be filmed and they will be put in a psychiatric hospital. They have been nothing but trouble since they moved in.
        Strange thing is though that everyone I have talked with is going through the same sort of trouble.
        It is not like it used to be where neighbors helped each other and associated with each other (we used to have picnics and have pot luck suppers.
        Now everyone is demanding their own rights while stomping on others.

    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thanks for inspiring me with your blog!

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