A closer walk with our beloved friend.

To Live as He



 Not what I will, but what You will.”Mark 14:36 The Holy Bible Amplified Version

One aspect of prayer is requesting guidance in every aspect of our lives, both big and small.

When Jehovah answers these prayers and we are obedient to them we will live at His direction in our lives.

Many times it takes huge leaps of faith (trust) to be obedient to them because they do not make sense to us. Especially to those like me who are logical.

But our logic is finite compared to Jehovahs infinite logic. He sees things far into the future that we do not. He understands the implications far better that we do. It takes a lifetime to be confident in His direction even though sometimes it seems like nonsense to us. However when we do, we will live as we pray.

“He who prays as he ought will endeavour to live as he prays.” — John Owen

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah EL OHIM YAKOL (God, the Most Able) for enabling me to bring life and meaning to my prayers when You wisely answer in how to bring them to fruitation. I praise You in the name of He who answers all prayers Jesus Christ. AMEN.

May you be blessed with Jesus’ sweet love encompassing you today and every day. Joseph a son of Jehovah

Author: ropheka

After faithfully serving the Lord in China for ten years as a teacher I have been called home to care for my aged mother who has numerous disabilities. As well I regularly do volunteer work visiting seniors in a seniors home. I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

51 thoughts on “To Live as He

  1. I struggle with this, too! I especially struggle during times of high stress or hardship!
    Thank you for the prayers for our family.

    • Prayer is a very powerful tool to help other family members.

      It is a duty and honour to use this tool for the betterment of others.

      • Amen!
        Thank you fo ryour prayers for our family, too. We so very much appreciate it.
        I hope things are a little better for you, too.
        Prayers and blessings~

      • Life is like a roller coaster, it is full of ups and downs.
        Things are going along fine now thank you.
        How are things going with your family?

      • The roller coaster is a good analogy.
        I’m glad things are better for you.
        Things are going better well here, too. The health problems my husband has been having are taking a long time to figure out. They are ruling out the easiest and less invasive first, so we have a nice list of what it’s not, but still aren’t sure what it is. They are currently waiting for all the iodine/radioactive stuff they injected for tests to leave his body before doing more tests.
        Thank you so much for asking and for your prayers. We continue to pray for you and yours, too.

      • Have you considered going to a naturalpath?

        I personally trust them much more than G.P.’s

      • We have talked about it, not sure yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • You are welcome.

        I know I have to stay on top of mom. Her doctor gives her drugs (medicine) that only makes her get worse. I go and talk with the doctor, find out what the problem is, get her off of the drug and use natural medicine. The problems goes away.
        Her problem is she refuses to changes her lifestyle (she is eighty two years old and refuses to acknowledge her age).

        It is funny in a way.

        She goes to her doctor and the doctor finds a problem, the doctor sends her to a specialist. While eating for her appointment with the specialist her doctor tells me what the problem is. I make a change in her diet. She goes to the specialist and her problem is gone. Then she goes back to the way she was. Her doctor is confused because the specialist says there is no problem but she keeps on finding a problem.

        Then one day the doctor talked it over with me and we figured out what was wrong.

        Now we work together and it works out great for us (the doctor and me) but not so great for mom because now she can’t get away with doing what ever she wants, even though many times it is not good for her.

      • I can imagine that is very frustating for you (and perhaps her, too-even though it is for her own good!).
        I know it’s harder to face one’s own mortality as you gt older, I saw that a lot in my Mom and Dad before they passed away. I’m guessing, it’s that way to everyone in one form or another as they get older. Praise God for His ever present help!

      • More so her than for me.

        I look forward to going over to the other side because I know where I am going is so much better than where I am (nothing can compare with the other side because nothing can compare to being with Jesus).
        This is being said with a lot of experience of extremely close calls where death seemed certain.
        I have been with those who lived without Christ pass over with terror in their eyes.
        Those that walked with Him had peace and it was beautiful.
        I think we all get scared but the Holy Spirit comforts and reassures us.
        It is hard as we age to accept that we are slowing down (for some). For me it is just accepted

      • I’m looking forward to that day, too!
        How sad and scary it must have been for those you have seen without the assurance of Christ’s salvation.
        I don’t fear death so much as I do the how of it. However, you are right, we have comfort and reassurance from the Holy Spirit.
        I wonder sometimes if the older we get the harder it is to accept, or if for some, like yourself, you just accept it and move on.

      • Yes it was terrifying. It was visible in their eyes. That is why I believe there is no such thing as an atheist.
        Why worry about something you have no control over? Worry is a waste of time and emotion. Trust Jesus and leave worry for the unbelievers.

      • Oh, that is so heartbreaking.
        You are so right about worry, it accomplishes nothing except anxiety!

      • I call it piercing of the heart because it more accurately describes it. It physically feels like a knife plunging into the heart. That must be what Jehovah feels when He sees so much sin.
        Jehovah bless you with peace and confidence to overcome all worry.

      • I think that’s an apt description! I’m sure He does feel that way, too.
        Thank you!
        Many blessings to you and yours~

      • Thank you

        May you and yours be blessed with an ever deeper love affair with our Heavenly Beloved

      • Thank you. That is my prayer too! I shall pray the same for you and yours!

      • Watching the evening news tonight I believe we are at the end of the deep freeze here in Ontario. Mom and I were discussing the garden.
        How is the weather there?

      • I’m glad to hear, this year has been rough for everyone in Canada!
        We are alternating between cold for us (highs 30 lows teens) and warm (highs 60’s low 40’s)-prime tornado weather!!
        I think we’re going to put in a garden this year, too. I pray yours is bountiful this year!!
        Blessings to you and yours~

      • We saw those vidoes that hit youse last week. I hope you were not part of that.

        I was in a tornado once and it happened so fast, it was over before I knew what hit (well, we did see it coming when we were working in the field. We took shelter in trucks. It picked up the water truck I was in and flung it into a rye field. ).

        I like this time of year. Most folks are zombies. They life in an artificial environment, from the house to the car, from the car to work or shopping and then in reverse. It would do them good for both their mental and physical health to get out every day.

        We have a sunroom so we are starting our bulbs now and will start the seeds the beginning of next month.

        Jehovah bless you with His Divine protection in this deadly part of the year.

      • We were a few hours away.
        Wow! Glad you survived. We had one hit near our home that picked up a tree and dropped it down on the sidewalk. It went through the sidewalk and 6 feet into the ground-a very scary sight. My daughter also had a friend that was impacted by the really horrible one we had several years ago, and the most recent ones. One of her friends was a soldier that had several tours in Afghanistan with only minor injuries. He almost died during the tornado when he was hit by a huge metal rod. He ended up losing his arm.
        I enjoy spring and fall. The weather is pleasant, the sun feels nice, and it’s great to be outside!
        Wow, a sunroom sounds nice, and you have already started on early planting (indoors, anyway!).
        Thank you for your prayers; this can be a trying time of year.
        Our family is also praying for you and yours!

      • It does not seem as if there is any spring nor fall anymore. We just go from summer to winter and vice versa.

        Thank you for your prayers.

        We do not really have a sun room. It is more like a cat room since they take it over once the plants are out of there.

        Jehovah bless you all.

      • I know what you mean about fhe seasons! We don’t really have 4 seasons either. Mostly just summer and an autumn/winter mix where the temperature fluctuates wildly from day to day.
        LOL! It’s been my experience with cats, that pretty much every room is their room!!
        God’s blessings to you and yours, too~

      • They have me wrapped around their little finger. One meow and I come a running. Sometimes I think they do it for a laugh. I have kitty treats. As soon as they hear the bag rattle they come a running. I toss one down the stairs and they chase after it. After it is gobbled up they come running back up stairs and stare at me until another one is tossed down stair and then they run after it. They get ten tossed for each one of them. That is their exercise. It is funny because of the way they slide across the floor getting around the corner to get down the stairs.

        Right now we are having one day like early summer, the next like early winter. It is crazy.

        The found a spot on moms stomach. Would you please pray for her?

        Via Con Dios (God go with you and your family).

      • Aww, that is so cute. I bet they can keep you entertained, and themselves too, for quite a while.
        Our weather has been crazy like that this winter, too. We’ve had LOTS of rain and really bad storms, too.
        I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom. Of course, we’ll pray for her. We’ll pray also for her doctors, too-that they’ll receive guidance and knowledge from the Lord.
        God be with you and yours, also.

      • Yes, they bring great love, comfort and joy to mom (as well as me.)

        Thank you for your prayers. I think if you are looking for a problem you will find it. Her doctor is very thorough and can always find something wrong.

        Jehovah bless you and your family with abundant showers of His amazing love.

      • I’m glad they bring you both joy!
        You are so welcome. We all need prayer!
        I think I have mentioned before that my some of my Dad’s doctors were the same way.
        I pray God blesses you and yours in mighty ways!

      • The white one (snowball is the loviest of them all and has to greet everyone that comes in the house. I have to be careful of him though. He follows me everywhere I go and sometimes gets outside. We do not want to lose him).

        Moms doctor is very good, She believes very strongly in good diet, good exercise and herbal medicine.

        I pray Jehovah Rapheka (God our Healer ) heals you and your family.

      • I can imagine the pure white does look like a snow ball!
        Ours is a snowshoe-tortie mix. She was a rescue. She’s such an unusual color and so very lovable, not aloof like most cats.
        I’m glad your Mom has a good doctor, that is so important!
        I pray the same for you and yours.

      • Thank you.

        Mom has to go in for a biopsy for her stomach and she does not want to. Please pray she changes her mind and that it is nothing serious and that Jehovah heals her.

        With the nice weather the cat room has been opened up. It is a sun room that was built for moms deceased husband. Now it is the cats that use it.

        Snowball is a big suck that loves his loving. He is like a big brother to the other cats.

      • I’m sorry. I’m guessing it scary for her, and sometimes it feels like if you ignore it, it will go away or not be as bad as you may fear. I’ll be praying for her to change her mind, and for complete healing.
        I would imagine your cat room is a cheerful sunny area.
        Snowball sounds like a great cat!
        Prayers and blessings~

      • Thank you for your prayers.

        Considering most of the family died of cancer I am sure it is on her mind.

        Yes the cat room is a sunny warm room now that spring has sprung. I am going to start the vegetable and flower seeds next week.

        Snowball is an awesome cat. Nobody has ever met a cat like him. We thank Jehovah for him every day.

        How are you and your family doing? Youse are in my morning prayers every day.

        May the warm sunshine of Jehovahs enveloping love bless you and your family.

      • You are welcome. I can imagine it is scary to think about.
        How exciting that you are already starting seeds!
        That’s sweet, Snowball sounds very special.
        We’re waing on results from some more tests Bill had done. It may be a little while. Thank you so much we so appreciate the prayers!
        We pray for you and your family daily, too.
        I pray sunshine for your family, too!

      • I just talked with moms doctor today and we agreed to take her off the majority of her drugs because they were causing adverse affects on her. The condition is though that she must eat the food I cook (which the doctor agrees with me that moms main problem is that she does not eat right or drink the proper amount of water She likes the meals that I make for her). She does not have a problem with her stomach but there is a problem with her esophagus (which comes with age.). I have to go back in a month and discuss with the doctor the results (mom lies like a rug and only tells the doctor and me what she wants us to hear, which is not the truth). The doctor told me when she follows my directions she is as healthy as a horse.

        Snowball is a true gift from Jehovah and we thank Him for that gift every day.

        I am honoured to pray for you and your family. Thank you for keeping me updated.

        We do not have spring nor fall anymore. It just seems to go right into summer and winter. I am taking precautions however with the home made green house.

        Jehovah Rapheka, God our healer, bless you and yours with Divine healing.

      • I’m glad you and your Mom’s doctor are in agreement.
        My Mom had a strange problem that required she either use lots of salt or take salt tablets she did neither, and we’re convinced it contributed to her death. It is so hard for parents to let go and let the children help, and to acknowledge the children oftentimes know more than they do.
        I’m sorry she is having problems. I would guess that an esophageal problem would make it hard for her in many ways.
        Isn’t wonderful how hte Lord provides us with friendship, love and compainionship from animals? We feel that way about Coco, our grandaughter’s cat. She is unlike any cat we have ever had!
        It’s an honor to pray for you and your family, too!
        I know what you mean about not having spring or falll anymore!! It’s neat that you made your green house.
        Blessings and healing to you and yours, too.

      • I find it is not letting go but rather is stubbornness which they have had all of their lives. I never knew that until taking care of mom and doing volunteer work at seniors homes. When you talk with folks that knew them in their younger age they were very stubborn then as well as all their lives.

        Her doctor is a literal God send. Mom had her old doctor wrapped around her little finger and got away with too much. Her new doctor is strict with her and when she gives me trouble I just talk with her doctor and the doctor calls her right over (we live beside the medical center) and giver her a stern talking to. Her doctor is Chinese and they do not take that stuff.ha ha.

        Yes animals are a gift from our loving Father and are such a blessing.

        I am planting our potatoes, beets and garlic this week in tote boxes (there is no weeds, not as much watering and easier harvesting using them). The seedlings are being started this week as well. It feels good to work in the soil again.

        The weather is crazy. Last week we were in the high fifties and then had a blizzard the other day. Wow.

        Jehovah bless you and yours with abundant love, joy and peace every day

      • I’ve not thought of that, but it is true. Both my parents were extremely stubborn. So much so that they would be guilty a lot of times of doing like the saying, “Cut off your nose to spite your face!” Which, in turn, hurt them way more than the person they were trying to get back at!!
        I’m so glad your Mom has a doctor like that. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t because they changed doctors constantly, due to not liking what they were being told-and they had a LOT of doctors to choose from, too!
        Animals are indeed a gift.
        I have never thought about using a tote box, what a great idea!! I think I will do that myself. My Dad, after he was to infirm to really garden, would often use plastic pails, similar to paint containers, for his gardens.
        The weather here did something like that. It hit the high 60’s one day, then the next we had a thin layer of ice on everything!!!
        May the Lord bless you and yours abundantly, too.

      • We are finally getting the warm weather but youy never know.

        I say stubbornness and stupidity goes hand and hand. It constantly amazes me when I see it. I can imagine how our Heavenly Beloved feels. When I get that way ,He thankfully, bring strong tribulation to me to break it.

        Growing in flower pots, boxes and tote boxes it easy. Just make sure you drill holes in the bottom of the tote boxes for excess water to drain out of.
        All Jehovahs love come your way

      • I know what you mean about the weather!

        I have not thought about it, but I believe you are right about stubbornness and stupidity! At least that’s been true in my case!!

        I am going to try your growing method soon.

        I wish the same for you and yours!!

      • I believe we are all stubborn to a degree.

        Gods blessing with your growing season.

      • So very true!
        Thank you, and the same for you!

      • I make cards out of photo’s of the cats for Christmas and give them to moms friends, the police, fire department, ambulance attendants and nurses at the local hospital as well as little Christmas gifts. They appreciate the gift but love the cards.

      • Oh, I bet those are adorable!
        How nice of you!
        That is such a kind gesture that I’m sure is so greatly appreciated!

      • The women police officers and nurses love them.

      • I just read an article about how good celery is for numerous ailments.

        Have you considered trying celery, beets and carrots in your daily diet? It has amazing affects.

      • How interesting. I enjoy all three. However, I have two that are highly allergic to beets, but I could still get the carrots and celery. Thanks for the information!

      • You are welcome.

        Since watching the videos on YouTube mom eat a piece of celery every day.

      • That’s great!

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