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You do so at Your Own Risk.



He who turns his ear away from listening to the law [of God and man], Even his prayer is repulsive [to God]. Proverbs 28:9 Holy Bible Amplified Version

Have you ever felt Jehovah was speaking to you about something in your life and then you ignore Him?

You do so at your own risk.

When Jehovah speaks with us about something that requires attention it is for our own good.

If you ignore His advice you with eventually suffer the consequences for it. Then when you go cry babying unto Him, He will ignore your prayers. They smell like a bad fart to Him. He is disgusted with you because you refuse to listen to Him.

Now when you finally smarten up and obey Him, He forgives you.

It is always difficult to obey Him especially when it is something deep seated in our minds.

Many times it will take good Christian counselling to even get to admit we have the problem.

Once we accept the problem then it is up to us to try to resolve it. We can get all the counselling in the world but if we do nothing to try to resolve it, the counselling is useless.

Sometimes the problem is too big for us to handle.

That is when we go unto the Holy Spirit and sincerely, respectfully ask for His help. Then and only then will the issue be resolved.

I have gone through both sides of it and can tell you it is very difficult but rewarding.

One of them for example was independence, which most of us suffer from. It took many years before that was finally destroyed and expelled from my mind and heart. Sometimes it took my own effort, sometimes it took the assistance from the Holy Spirit. I rejoice over that every day.

“When God turns away from us because of selfishness, it is not rejection. Rather, it is an invitation to follow Him to a place we would rather not go.” — Brennan Manning

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Emet (God of truth) for gracefully educating me about the ruinous dispositions with in my soul. Thank you for the assistance You overwhelmingly provide me with to conquer these weaknesses. I exalt Thee in the name of He who has overcome the world Jesus Christ. Amen

May your house be filled with joy in the morning and sweet dreams at night. May it be a home where love has come to live. Joseph a son of Jehovah

Author: ropheka

As Christ is our King, so too are we His free will servants Joseph a son of Jehovah I have been a faithful servant of our Lord for the past forty years. He has led me to move from the farm to the city. It was there I learned natural medicine as well as to serve by doin volunteer work in a hospital. This was preparing me for the next stage of growth and service unto Him. The next phase was to live in a tent in the western provinces of Canada planting trees. It has here in His marvelous creation of nature that He taught me so much of Himself while serving others in camp as a first aid attendant. If anybody got sick or injured they always came to me. As well, I learned to be a big brother and care about their mental health and for most, it was the first time they were ever loved. This caring for others prepared me for the next step which was to be a teacher all over China. Here not only did my example guide many to our Heavenly King but also taught me how to deal with narcissist. This prepared me to come home to take care of a narcissistic mother while dealing with narcissist family members. It was in China that the Lord also guided me to become a Christian writer which has been faithfully done for the past ten years. I know not what will happen tomorrow but I know who holds tomorrow in His hands and it is Him I place my total confidence and trust in. Joseph a son of Jehovah

6 thoughts on “You do so at Your Own Risk.

  1. Dear Ropheka,

    I need your wise counsel, brother!

    According to Deuteronomy 5:16, it states, “Honor your father and mother, as the Lord your God commanded you. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

    As you may know from following my blog, I am new to Christianity and both of my parents are deeply religious in a different persuasion. They are extremely against converting.

    In this case, how can I obey God and honor my parents simultaneously? Each time I attend church and read The Holy Bible, I am defying my parents. Thank you in advance for sharing your wise counsel with me.

    Your sister in the Christian faith

    • One aspect of honouring is to be honest and respectful. To honour your parents is to allow them to have their faiths while you stay true to yours.

      It goes both ways. You are respectful towards their choices and they must be respectful towards your.

      It also says that parents are not to anger their children. One way for a parent to anger their children is to be disrespectful towards their choices (when they are adults living on their own).

      My entire family were vehemently against my having anything to do with Christianity (most of them still are, however since I have come home to be her live in care giver mom has gone back to church after a forty five year absence and just recently was baptized) . I was respectful (and still am ) towards their choice but refuse to be cow towed to forfeiting my relationship with Christ to please them. That is selfish and disrespectful towards me and I refuse to tolerate it. As a result most of my family and I have nothing to do with each other.

      Your relationship with Christ comes above all other relationships.

      I will pray for you every morning.

      Your brother in Christ

      • Joseph,

        Your words are like a soothing balm to the sores on my heart. Thank you!

        You and I have a lot in common. I live at home because I am also my mother’s caregiver. I will remember your advisement and be respectful to my parents, but place my relationship with Jesus Christ above all others.

        Your sister in the Christian faith

      • Welcome to the close times.

        It is in our hard times that we get the closest to Jehovah. Read any good author- especially from pre 1900’s and you will find that they suffered a lot and were blessed by it in that drew them closer to Jehovah.

        Speaking from personal experience, both being a live in care giver and doing volunteer work in seniors homes, women are by far much more difficult to care for than men.

        It is important to get support just as it is to find time to be alone with our loving, strengthening Heavenly Father every day. It is important to have one day all to yourself,. I prefer nature, which I call Gods Cathedral, because that is where we commune the closest.

        Your caring praying for you brother in Christ

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