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He Will Vindicate You.




He is near who justifies Me; Who will contend with Me? Let us stand together. Who is My adversary? Let him come near Me.  Surely the Lord God will help Me; Who is he who will condemn Me? Indeed they will all grow old like a garment; The moth will eat them up. Isaiah 50: 8:9 New King James Version

Whenever anyone challenges you whether it be from family, friends, coworkers, or people on the street as to what makes you think you have your calling that is the time to pray and depend upon God to vindicate you.


For me He has shown verses in the Bible and their meaning to me. They are written down and carried with me so that when challenged they are brought out and used in my defense.

Now one of two things will happen.

One: people will be open to what is being said and you will enjoy a good opportunity to witness.

Two: the people are not interested in what you have to say, they are more interested in being judgmental and condemning and will refuse to listen. They will walk away in a huff.  They will stay away from me which means there is less strife and anxiety in my life.


These are the only two responses I get.

How about you? Is there any way you successfully handle these situations in a Christ like manner?

Prayer: Please Jehovah KalEl (voice of God) bless me with the wisdom, grace and meekness to present the case of Your holy existence to any and all who are receptive to Your word and to be respectful to those who are unwilling to accept it. I respectfully ask this in the name of He who gave us the best example to follow Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day

Author: ropheka

I am an unpaid live in care giver for my aged mother. As well I regularly do volunteer work with a local church group helping working poor establish themselves independently. . I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

9 thoughts on “He Will Vindicate You.

  1. I recently learned that there is a spirit of herod and Jezebel spirit that work through our family, friends, and such who are not truly saved that will try to destroy God’s divine assignment or calling or dream in your life. God has sent me many verses to be silent until the dream manifests or the assignment is complete. I know the outcome of my current season but i just play dumb now and I’m very careful not to share anything God tells me secretly. Micah 7:4-7 and Jeremiah 12:6 and Amos 5:13 were sent to me.

    • Boy are those verses ever relevant in my situation. I do not even talk with my family because they despise me for living the Christian life.

      • It’s sad but same here. I was thinking the other day how the rhino stomps out fires in the wild. If a camper leaves a fire burning and the rhino spots it he will stomp it out. I am not saying this in a mean way but I find that my family are like spiritual rhinos. I am very careful around them.

      • I love your analogy. I prefer to think of my family as leeches. They suck the joy out of you while sucking every material thing they can. Alls they give in return is anger, heartache and frustration.

  2. Such is the life of the Christian in this world! Even though many people loved and responded to Jesus Himself, there were many who rejected His message for many reasons. They plotted His death…

    I approach the topic once. If they emphatically “turn me off,” I will probably leave that person in the hands of the Lord. To approach them again will likely only push them even further away and may ruin any chance that they will ever listen to the gospel message.

    However, if I get a milder rejection, I may give things some time and then bring the topic of salvation up again. It is such an individual, case-by-case situation. At the end of the day I say this:
    “I will water the seed, but God will give the increase…”


  3. Curious as to your regular use of “Jehovah” for God. Blessings.

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