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She is so Stubborn




I need a pick me up today.

I am taking care of an elderly mother who is very difficult because she is extremly stubborn. She insists on doing things she knows she shouldn’t do (or els she gets hurt) and refuses to do things she knows she should be doing.

Would you please pray for me.

I am ready to leave this place and if I do she will have to go inot a seniors home.

I have given up me career to come home to care for her. I do not care that I have no money because I know Jesus will provide.


Thank you

Author: ropheka

I am an unpaid live in care giver for my aged mother. As well I regularly do volunteer work with a local church group helping working poor establish themselves independently. . I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

25 thoughts on “She is so Stubborn

  1. I will pray for you brother.

  2. I know from personal experience what youre dealing with. I went through the same thing with bothnmy mom and my mother in law. All you can do is pray. My heart goes out to you and i will pray for both of you.

  3. Just remember the unconditional love she once gave you just like God’s unconditional love for us and that will take you further than expected! God be with you through these trials!

    • Thank you.

      The problem is she is so stubborn and the family loves to cause problems while offering no help.

      As for her love what makes you think she was not very abusive to me? (I am not being rude but just pointing out not all parents were loving and supportive).

      I see that so much when I do volunteer work at a seniors home. The parents were abusive and refuse to apologize to their adult children and would cotinue to cause problems if given the opportunity, that is why they are in the home.Then they cry because their children refuse to come and visit them

      • I am sorry but you right there are abusive parents. I do have a hard time understanding them but I do leave that if we want to share love we should let go of the pain . It is easier said than done .

      • Yes we need to let go of the pain but healing is never complete until there is reconciliation. Reconciliation is where you forgive and the other apologizes.

        There are some whose greatest happiness is causing trouble.

        There are some people who are just unlovable.

  4. I am a caregiver for elderly by profession and I know it can be exhausting. I will pray for you. Also let me ask if there is anyone else in family that could come in and give you occasionally days off? If not can your mother afford a private caregiver for a few hours here and there to give you a break? If so, you should look into hiring someone a few times a week otherwise your likely to burn out. If at all possible, seek help for occasional breaks every week.

    • Thank you.

      The problem is she is so stubborn and the family loves to cause problems while offering no help.

      I have gone in and talked with councillors. They have informed me I am not the problem. When I try to arrange for councilling sessions everybody in the family refuses.

      I go to the gym every day for about an hour, do volunteer work at a seniors home three days a week and many times take my Bible out into the forest, pray, and read. Jehovah speaks to me a lot and gives me encouragement but nothing changes in the family. I get tired of it.

      She refuses to do what she knows she is supposed to do and does things she knows she is not supoosed to.

      When the family causes problems she accuses me of being the trouble maker and will not listen to my point of view where I prove it is not me causing the problems.

  5. Praying God would give your strength and that his light would shine through you no matter what the circumstance.

  6. I, too know from experience. We will continue to pray for you and your mom.

  7. Thank you for being so honest about your feelings. So many Christians are not willing to do so. The Lord will honour you for that and his Holy Spirit will show you a way out of this dilemma.

    • Good afternoon.

      If one desires an honest assessment one has to be honest.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement.

      I trust the Holy Spirit for guidance because He has not let me down in the past.

      God bless you with love, joy and peace

  8. Thank you for your like of my post, 021515 – We Glorify The Lamb

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