A closer walk with our beloved friend.

I Will Answer You.


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Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know Jeremiah 33:3 New King James Version

In my walk with Christ He has shown me many amazing and mighty things that were mind boggling.


Have you ever been in a tornado or hurricane?

Have you called out to Him to rescue you in these circumstances and He did so in amazing ways.


Then, you will see how mighty He is.

Have you ever been in a situation where all seemed lost and was going to overpower you and you called out to Jehovah and He rescued you in mighty and amazing ways?


That, it truly awesome.

Have you experienced any amazing and awesome things Jehovah has revealed to you?

The catch though is that to experience these events you must a loving, obedient and trusting relationship with Him.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah Yeshua (God our rescuer) for the numerous times You have rescued Your loving child in truly amazing and awesome ways. I adore You in the name of He who rescued me in the most awesome and amazing way on the cross and in the empty tomb Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus sweet love bless you today and every day



Author: ropheka

After faithfully serving the Lord in China for ten years as a teacher I have been called home to care for my aged mother who has numerous disabilities. As well I regularly do volunteer work visiting seniors in a seniors home. I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

10 thoughts on “I Will Answer You.

  1. As I look back…I suffered some trials in place of some greater price which I would have paid later. I know the Lord is at work for me in my best interest!


    • For me, it was because of my trials and tribulations that I was put through the furance of afflicion. This burned off the dross for which I am eternally grateful

      • You put that very well! God disciplines those whom He loves, (Heb. 12:6). As an earthly father may teach through discipline, so our heavenly Father does also.

        And for those of us who understand this, we are grateful!


      • Although the discipline was not enjoyable I am grateful for it. We need much more discipline in our culture.

      • And yet, the cry is for less of it! People are having their children taken from them if a punishment is deemed too harsh.

        Granted, some people are not fit to be parents…they were perhaps not brought up in a Godly home themselves.

        But when we begin to bring charges against the parents for ANY kind of physical discipline, it becomes a stumbling block in the rearing of the child!

        And as for general discipline of our desires and habits, we have turned from the One who can best guide us in that way.

        Sadly, we need much more of the very Being which we have turned out of much of our lives!


      • In China they are called Little Emporers and Empresses. I have watched them grow up and they are so self centered and have no morals. It was a shock to see so much of it here.

        The sad thing is it always comes back to bite them. Then it is societies fault, the schools fault but never their own fault.

      • In many countries, we teach “self” is everything! Humanists believe the path to happiness waits at the end of the paths of self-pride, self-reliance, self-accomplishment, and so on.

        There is no success which is not obtained by our individual efforts. Now, while we are accountable to God for our own actions, Christianity has to do with placing ourselves second to God’s will.

        And His will is that we love others ahead of ourselves, work with others in a united goal, treat all people with the same amount of respect and courtesy, etc.

        God is the Ruler, Judge, and Jury. We are His subjects to serve at His will. Quite a different concept from what the world teaches!

        Life is all about goals, but they are reaching God’s goals for us, not trying to reach self-made goals without God!


      • God first, others second and myself last is my motto It keeps me very grounded upon the rock

      • Now that’s the proper way of living the Christian life! If we can do this with sincerity of heart, or work towards it, then we have nothing to worry about!


      • It brings peace and serenity to my daily life.

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