A closer walk with our beloved friend.

Twice a Day Every Day


This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to allthat is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and thenthou shalt have good success. Joshua 1:8 Authorized King James Version


For me, the most important morning regime that occurs is asking our Beloved to reveal to me what he has to say for me for that day (which of course he does when we take the time to read the Bible).

As He honours our request and reveals His guidance for that day, it is written down, prayed about, meditated upon and carried with me.

Whenever problems arise throughout the day the same process is repeated (what is that, are you ashamed to be seen reading your Bible? Why would you be ashamed because of what others think? Who is more important: Jehovah or others {especially ones we do not even know}?) If people ask me what I am doing I gracefully explain it to them. If they are interested in talking about Jesus we go from there. If they are not they are asked to be respectful and leave me alone. Then I ignore them and return to what I was doing.

At the end of the day the days events are reflected upon by Jehovah in me in a relaxed conversation. I speak audibly to Him and He speaks in my mind.

Being prosperous does not necessarily indicate material wealth.

To me it means more of a closer fellowship with our beloved which is greatly more valued than mere trinkets that foolishly pass for wealth.

Prayer: Thank you Jehovah KalEl (voice of God) for Your wonderfully enriching word the guides us, rebukes us, heals us and encourages us in our relationship and service to You.In deep appreciation I give thanks in the name of the wisest teacher of all Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.


Author: ropheka

After faithfully serving the Lord in China for ten years as a teacher I have been called home to care for my aged mother who has numerous disabilities. As well I regularly do volunteer work visiting seniors in a seniors home. I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.

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  1. Great thoughts!

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